Leading the Way to Immigration Reform

I’ve written at length on this blog about the severity of the need for immigration reform in this country, and I’ve written about the upcoming presidential hopefuls and what they intend on doing for, or against, immigration reform if elected. But what about our current leader? After almost eight years in the White House, what has Barack Obama managed to accomplish in way of immigration? Recently, he has attempted something some politicians are suggesting is rather drastic.

Through controversial executive action, Obama has recently issued statements to Congress and Senate, proposing some very key changes towards reform. On the official website of the White House, the executive actions are listed as: “cracking down on illegal immigration on the border”, “deporting felons, not families”, and “accountability – criminal background checks and taxes”. All of these appear to be reasonable requests, and reflect desires regarding immigration from both parties. The President is also stated to be working towards paving the way for legal immigration and for unauthorized citizens to “earn citizenship”, as well as becoming more harsh on employers hiring undocumented workers.

Obama also recently underwent proceedings, and is continuing to do so, at the Supreme Court and lower courts before it in order to address the issue of the influx of immigrant children coming here without their parents. These proceedings mostly focused on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program as well as a sister program that included their parents. These programs would effectively allow immigrant children and their parents to stay in the United States without prosecution.

Though some of the formerly mentioned legislation seems drastic and controversial, something need to be done about the ever growing number of undocumented citizens residing in this country. Will we take the humane route and blaze the trail towards immigration reform in favor of immigrant rights, or will we accept the frightening alternative of deporting hundreds of thousands of families living and working here? Though the answer to this complex question may not surface for some time, reform is necessary, and there’s no denying that.


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