Trumping Stereotypes

As mentioned in former posts, the impending 2016 Presidential election is looming in the distant horizon of our country’s future. Naturally, immigration reform is anticipated to be a “big ticket” item, or one of the primary issues necessary for our future leader to discuss and settle their opinions and policies about. And, as anyone who has even minimal contact with a television or computer would know, Donald Trump is seemingly a fore runner for the GOP candidacy.
His speeches, involvement in debates, and even his attitude towards the process of campaigning have all been surrounded in controversy. He has set himself a part as a man of many words with little to no filter to speak of, and, naturally, he has had a lot to say regarding immigrants and immigration reform.
According to his official website, his views and plans on immigration reform include making “Mexico pay for the wall”, he is a firm believer in securing the border, “tripling the number of ICE officers”, he wants to invest more into border patrol, “defund sanctuary cities”, “detention, not catch-and-release”, and even “end birthright citizenship”, among many other things. Aside from the obvious questions, such as how would our country pay for all of this, both financially and in human toll, how could we elect a president that would alienate and effectively work to disenfranchise the largest growing demographic of people in our nation?
MSNBC says “The leading GOP candidate is talking about ferreting out, arresting, and forcibly removing a population of men, women, and children roughly the size of the state of Ohio.” What would be the consequences of doing something like this? Are we now walking down a path that leads to America becoming a vicious police state? Not to mention the possibility of a sort of societal genocide, the policies supported by Trump are blatantly and unashamedly racist, and would cause our country insurmountable strife.
It is so important for every citizen to understand the implications and consequences of policies like this, regardless of political beliefs and affiliation. Immigration reform is necessary, but to what extent are some willing to go, and is it really going to benefit the United States?





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