On Immigration Reform

As well all know, the battle for the presidency has already begun in the United States. There are many different issue being discussed right now, but what are the candidates saying in regards to immigration reform?
Two of the front runners for the president in either party, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, have not been quiet about their opinions. Though Jeb Bush is a Republican, a party typically viewed to be anti-immigration, he has stated that he is for immigrants being able to “earn” citizenship. Clinton, on the other hand, has recently come out as extremely pro-immigration reform. This has caused some controversy, however, since Clinton reportedly voted for an amendment in 2007 that effectively ended legislature for immigration reform.

Both politicians are thought to be more moderate on immigration reform until recently, though whatever the case, it is clear that immigration reform is going to be a major topic this coming presidential election. This is why it is imperative for young people and young voters to be knowledgeable about what each candidate wants for immigration reform if we want to see any change or development on this in our lifetimes. It is a burgeoning issue, and must be addressed.

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– Rachel Nipper


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